Q: What manufacturers do you carry :

A: EVB buys direct from over 100 different manufacturers. We also carry over 1000 name brand parts that are bought though over networks of warehouses. Name brand quality parts and great pricing is what we want for our customers.

Q: How does EVB’s pricing work?

A: Depending on the nature of the work or project, EVB charges either a fixed up-front price or the actual calculated cost of each build based on book time, flat rate and/or time and material. Even though we do our best on estimating the labor cost on each build, based on our past experiences unexpected things do arise. For example: rusty bolts, bent/broken parts, and/or parts that are not compatible with other aftermarket parts can add to the time and materials required to complete the build correctly and safely.

Q: Does EVB only work on Jeep’s?

A: No. Even though you may see Jeeps dominate our web site and the shop, we have built many other vehicles. From Classics and daily drivers to Full-size SUV’s and pick up trucks. Our staff has a wide range of skills to make your project go smoothly.

Q: Why do I have to come back with my vehicle?

A: After the vehicle is built there is a break in period. Over time things tend to settle or may need some additional adjustments to insure the proper performance of your vehicle. EVB recommends at least an annual inspection. EVB will charge for vehicle re-torques and inspections on any suspension kits, bumpers, and wheels that we install. This is required to maintain the manufactures warranty as well as EVB’s labor warranty. Please ask the sales team for more details.

Q: Does EVB install parts that they do not sell?

A: Yes. EVB can install almost anything. It is impossible to sell everything. We will do the best to estimate the cost to install items not sold by us. There is also a different price scale for items not sold by us. EVB will not install something that we may feel is unsafe, does not have product liability insurance, or is not made for the application.

Q: Does EVB warranty their work?

A: Yes. Most of the items are cover by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has some type of guidelines that we have to follow. EVB does not make any parts. We are the re-seller we do not make the rules. EVB works each case a one on one basis. What is not covered: finish ( unless it is noted ), labor if the part failed, shipping costs, or any other costs that may arise during a warranty claim.

Q: Will it void my warranty?

A: The basic answer is no. There are laws out to protect you the consumer. However there are limits to the law. Please read about Magnuson-Moss Act <<< Click Here>>>. Please talk to your dealer or the salesman for additional information.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Each job has a different time table – please talk it over with your sales person. Even though some of the product websites and/or instructions may provide set time frames, it may not take into consideration extra man power, other parts that may be needed and/or the condition of the vehicle to complete the job properly.

Q: How will my vehicle perform?

A: Over the years, EVB has tested most of the kits that we sell and in general we’ve found that our kits improve the ride quality and overall performance of the vehicle. The general exceptions are our more extreme lift kits, which compromise some on-road performance for extreme off-road capabilities. As for the performance enhancer items, they are designed to work within the factory’s recommended specifications and are recognized by most OEM manufacturers. Please ask your salesperson regarding the parts in question.